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Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouse Construction

We offer professional construction services of building cultivation centers for turn-key cannabis growing, covering both marijuana greenhouse and indoor grow environments. We help growers automate and control all the elements in their cannabis greenhouse or indoor medical marijuana grow facility for the best plant growth. For cannabis growers we integrate sophisticated irrigation systems with grow lighting, light deprivation, air filtration exchange, CO2 dosing, odor control, and heating and cooling where required. Contact us and we can provide a rough greenhouse estimate or a full quote.
We handle projects of different sizes, such as new builds, remodels, repairs and renovations. As a cannabis contractor, we follow industry-related guidelines and work with projects from start to finish.


Why choose us

When you work with us, you get:
  • An experienced team: We have worked in numerous industries and with businesses of all sizes. We hire trusted individuals to effectively complete each project
  • Dedicated support: Our goal is to build lasting relationships with every client. Many of our existing clients return to us the next time they need to complete a project.


Our services include:
  •  Preconstruction budgeting: We create a tentative budget for supplies and labor. We meet with you to discuss your finances and get your input on the process
  • Subcontractor selection: We source and research qualified individuals who can meet our project standards.
  • Project management: We have experts who supervise every step of the project, including material allocation and finances, to stay within the timeline and budget.


If you are already growing crops successfully in a greenhouse, it is easy to focus your cannabis business energies on the crop growing side. But losing sight of this as a whole new business with different customers and different distribution channels will get you in trouble. Start your cannabis greenhouse sized for your near future customer demands but with scalability in mind to accommodate your longer term business goals. We work with growers all over the world designing greenhouses for multiple stage expansion plans. A little extra time at the beginning can save you months of headaches and additional costs down the road.


Zone segmentation

Why Zone segmentation is so important
  • Growers are used to growing in smaller spaces than most commercial growers. Greenhouse structures and modern horticultural growing technology offer enormous production benefits compared to typical indoor growing. But where large zones increase production efficiency, they also increase crop risk from disease or infestation spreading.
  • Zone segmentation can easily be achieved with inside gable walls and sidewalls, a properly designed greenhouse heating and cooling system and good environmental controls. Blackout curtains (also known as light deprivation screens), irrigation, and fertigation systems are all designed by greenhouse industry experts to be centrally controlled for multiple zones.


LED Lights

Why LED lighting is so important
  • LED lighting is the top-preferred lighting method for propagation, vegetation, and flowering.
  • LED usage for cannabis cultivation has increased more than 45% for all stages of growth since the initial report in 2016.
  • Recent surges in LED adoption are partially attributed to the increasing implementation of vertical racks, which saw slight increases across vegetation and flowering.
  • 63% of growers who are not currently using LEDs during flowering are considering implementing the solutions in the next 12 months
  • Survey results reported 60% of participants indicated that lighting fixture dimming capabilities are as important or very important to their cultivation operations.
  • 15% of cultivators said managing energy costs is the greatest challenge when considering LED lighting.