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Nowofol – Professional greenhouse films

Nowofol – Professional greenhouse films


NOWOFOL has been a specialty film manufacturer for industry, packaging, and architecture since 1971, and it is a real success story. Our success is largely due to our intense specialization in the stretching of extruded films as well as our ability to provide customized customer solutions. The NOWOFOL team is constantly advancing product innovations and film solutions that are focused on the needs of the customer.
For covering your greenhouses in horticulture, use the superior translucent NOWOGREEN fluoropolymer film. This self-cleaning ETFE film’s novel, long-lasting anti-drop treatment guarantees reliably greater light penetration and prevents uncontrolled condensation drops on your plants.
Unique features of NOWOGREEN ETFE
UV-resistant, weatherproof, self-cleaning, durable, sustainable

Professional greenhouse film – functional, durable, permanent and 100% returnable to its original raw material – truly recyclable. Conserves resources and saves energy.

Film properties:

  • permanent antidrop finish
  • permanent self-cleaning ability
  • permanent high light transmission
  • permanent UV resistance
  • permanent high light diffusion (in case of diffuse)
  • permanent protection against crop failure due to:
  • high elongation at break
  • good hail resistance
  • high resistance to further cracking
  • permanent energy saving by: IR block in the long-wave range
  • fire protection certified according to DIN EN 13501-1