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CBD And Pets

CBD And Pets

Dogs and cats have the same endocannabiotic system as humans, and therefore pets can use CBD for the same symptoms: pain, seizure control, appetite, gastrointestinal disorders, Anxiety-related issues, Inflammation, Cancer, Improved quality of life

However, there is no empirical evidence of how use of CBD affects pets. There is only testimony from dog owners giving their pets CBD to sick animals and there has been improvement.

Dogs have a higher concentration of cannabidoid receptors in the brain, so dogs can react poorly (can develop a condition called static ataxia from a THC overdose –an inability to preserve equilibrium while standing.), and like any medication, it can have undesirable properties. One of the most common CBD side effects is drowsiness or sedation.

CBD is given to pets as a delicacy, either as oil under the tongue or in food. The dose must be controlled.