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CANEXUS is project of Agrikol Ltd. company

CANEXUS is a project of Agrikol Ltd. company. It is the only certified company in Serbia that deals with the production of industrial cannabis, and it works according to the highest European standards.

Our facility has certificates:

ISO 22000 : 2500




       The CBD Manufacturing process contains many steps from seed to sale. Because CBD is intended for use as a medicine, or a food supplement, it is essential that both hemp cultivation and CBD extraction and manufacture follow GMP CBD Manufacture (Good Manufacturing Practice) – the standards that ensure safe production. Our facility has a GMP certificate and CESNA certificate (ISO 22000:2005 – for food safety management systems). GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) can only refer to one step or to the entire production process. Our GMP practices begin from the first step to the finished product, cannabis flos (whole, dry flower).Our production work in accordance with GMP guidelines, which is an integral part of the Canexus Quality Management System. Each location clearly documents all aspects of the production and testing process. Our staff, facilities, and materials fulfill the highest standards. Only and the main goal of CANEXUS is that our plants contain the highest and the most optimal % of CBD in order to make the best quality oils. Our varieties and clones of cannabis grow under the best manufacturing practice using the best scientific methods available to us.

       GHP is the certificate for procedures that provide a clean, sanitary environment for the production, processing, storage, and supply of food products.

       The GGN label stands for certified, responsible farming and transparency. It is a universal mark of good farming practices with a strong core in food safety and traceability and is designed to help guide consumers in their day-to-day grocery shopping.